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The Six

The Six - Mark Alpert That was just stunning!

Another book that reads just like a movie!!

I swear it was like watching a movie!!!


Okay.. so I'm not the the biggest Sci-fi reader, but I do read AND WATCH Scifi. I'm telling you, this is awesome! Not only does it give you action, adventure and thrill... It will also make you think hard. It will make a person be clear about his/her ethical stand. It's as great as it is also a mind boggling book. :)

The characters are pretty unique if I may say so myself.

Have you ever imagined being so sick that all you can do is look on as life passes by? Naaaww, I don't think so.

Well.. some of our characters have. I sort of symphatized with each and every one of them.

You see, the main characters in this book are dying.

Yes people, they're dying...

And just like that line in TANGLED says.. "that's when people usually start to look for miracles".

In this case, they didn't find a magic golden flower though. They found an ultra advanced technology that will allow them to live on.. only in a wayyyy different state. They found more than what they bargained for and it's their choice whether to take it or not.

As I told you, there really is an ethical battle here. My stand? I'm all for living on, so I'm all good with the plot. :) I am in fact, fascinated with the story line.

Their main dilemma comes when that thing regarding dying is resolved. They have to do everything that they can to stop an AI from invading. I know it sounds cliche, but hear me out okay? It's different. The feel is different because for one, these are teens. There are parents involved and God knows with teens, there's a certain recklessness to them sometimes. It is damn fascinating (pardon me for being redundant, I just can't find another word for it!) and very, very exciting!

These teenagers face the battle head on and hope for the best. I love their spirit and I love how they value life itself. I guess that also happens when you're kind of give a second chance. A REAAAALLYYY BIG SECOND CHANCE!!! They each have their own set of traits. Personally, I am looking forward to the next book just to see how they will interact with one another after everything that happened to them in this book.

There are loopholes in this book, but I trust that the author will reveal everything in due time. It makes it more interesting though! :)

All in all, such a good book! I had a good time reading this!

perfect 5!

An ARC was provided to me by in exchange for an honest review.