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Shadows of Asphodel

Shadows of Asphodel - Karen Kincy 4.5

Unexpectedly romantic!

When I requested for this book, I thought I would just love it because of the action it promises. However, now I love it because of the characters' interaction!

They're just... MFEO! MADE FOR EACH OTHER. ^_^ Now you might think that I'm just romanticizing their story, but no. They're truly a romantic pair!!

ARDIS, my darling mercenary, is a kickass girl who's known for her ruthlessness in battle. She ran from her past and is currently living with lots of blood in her hands, obviously because of her profession. She meets, ahem, MY WENDEL, who in so many ways, is a gentleman. However, she didn't start out knowing him like that. She thought he was something to be disgusted with, being a necromancer and all that. I'm just so glad that Wendel proved him wrong!

Wendel, Wendel, Wendel... Where do I even start?

MY Wendel is hot. Not just hot, but also dashing, charming, handsome in a refined way. He's such a catch and yes, HE'S MIINNEEE. #fangirlalert

Now that that's out of the way...

Wendel is the kind of hero that is vulnerable on the inside, but all charming and badass on the outside. He maybe your unconventional guy, but he is sweet most of the time. I like how he interacts with Ardis, like she's really a fine woman and not just a mercenary. I like how he took his oath seriously and I like how he was able to keep all of his promises to Ardis. Wendel might be such a mystery, but there's no deying that he's totally head over heels with Ardis and boy, he's not afraid of expressing it!

Our heroine on the other hand, isn't the same. With her past clouding her present, she has a lot of baggage that she holds on to. The twist here even made her life more complicated, so i forgive her for not being so expressive. However, she is truly loyal. I give you that.

I honestly thought that this book won't be so romantic. I was wrong and I was shocked because man... that ending! Okay okaayyy..


In this book, you'll find out just how amazing it can be when a mercenary meets her .. umm.. necromancer. Trust me! It's everything you never expected. The thrill, the action, the love.. even the drama! It all manages to make this amazing! :) Better than amazing, actually!

A review copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.