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Defend: A Lost Tribe (Book 2)

Defend: A Lost Tribe (Book 2) - Kallie Ross This book satisfied my need for a sequel in their story. One thing that you have to understand is that this is a second book and it's not a stand alone. Please read the first book before venturing to this one.

This book is still set in an underground series of caves. In book 1, our characters get to come back to the "top". However, because of unexpected circumstances, they go back and try to fix things in the tribe. I must admit, I was very worried that there will be accidents in this book.. like rocks falling on them or something like that. I'm just glad nothing too extreme happened to my faves!

I would say that they all definitely grew up. Our heroine, Ollie now thinks of everyone else before herself. She's sensitive to how others may feel and she's still strong. I love how she is with her mom. She's loyal to the bone and she loves her mom so much. :) I also love how she is with Mateo. I think she's more honest now and her internal monologues are sweet when it comes to him. *happy sigh* Her journey might have been rough, but I truly believe that she has learned a lot. She happier and she's a stronger person.

The other characters have also grown. Alex, Jesse and Mateo are now well equipped in battle! Hah! I mean... I think they're more prepared for bad scenarios. They're more careful and they watch out for one another more. The addition of new characters also doesn't hurt. :)

If you ask me who my favorite character here is.. I would say that it's KEREN. She's such a curious girl. I like how she reacts to new things. I also love how she reacts to jokes. Haha! Oh gosh.. it's even more funny that she takes them seriously! ;) I love her!

What you have to really look forward to is the author's description of the place. Their surrounding is as interesting as their situation. The author is very good at making me imagine all of it. I hope she sparks your imagination too.

Read this and know how these teenagers face their adventure of a lifetime! Watch how they will defend a tribe that needs just a little more blessing. :)

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.