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Inspire - Cora Carmack SO DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
If you haven't read this, you are missing half of your reading life!!!!!!!!! MYGAWDDDD!!!!!
IT'S AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

READ IT NOW PEOPLE!! Then join me in my waiting misery for the next book!!!!!

Story Thieves

Story Thieves - James  Riley Love the story, but super annoyed with the main characters.

I can totally say that I didn't like the main characters' choices. They made this book so chaotic, but I guess that's the main point of the story. Haha! And Okayyy, I'm giving them a break since they're still kids.

I love all the book references and I love the premise of making them spring to life. It's link Inkheart, only not really. It has lessons and adventures. Definitely for the kids and kids at heart. :)

Doll of Mine (A Dia de los Muertos Story)

Doll of Mine (A Dia de los Muertos Story) - Lila Felix This book might book ultra short, but it sure made me feel oh so weird.
I guess I won't be looking at dolls from now on. Well, not for a long time that is.
I'll borrow a line from the song HEART OF MINE:
Doll of mine, when will you keep from haunting?

Prove Me Wrong

Prove Me Wrong - Tessa Marie, Theresa Paolo Breath of fresh air.

I don't think I've read a book like this before. If I did, it was probably a long time ago. Reading this made me heave a happy sigh. It has the right amount of cuteness and seriousness. :)

Drifting - this is how I would describe Luke's life. He doesn't have plans, he just drifts from one point to another which is really too bad because he's such a good boy. Minus the girls and the teenage partying, Luke is kind of perfect. He has a good heart and he thinks a lot about other people. To me, his only main fault is that he doesn't live his life with "MORE" than he thinks he deserves. Oh well, the story unravels and solves that little fault in a very good way. :)

Hiding - yeah, that's Hailey. She's a good girl. She studies and she works. She wants everything that life has to offer, however.. in her own words, she's not normal. She doesn't have a deformity or something. She just experienced something that girls her age rarely experience. She hides this and it engulfs her, stresses her to the point of tying herself up in knots. Balancing all of her responsibilities has never been easy. As she always says, things can be so much worse. In this book, you'll see just how much her character will grow. I love her fighting spirit.

I like how their relationship gradually came to be. It's not too fast. The dilemma that they faced is bearable because they both could be oh so sweet.

They're both young and still have a lot of things to learn, so I'm also glad for their adult support. It's cool how both of their parents try to make the best out of their situation. I like their advices and I like their relationships.

All in all. This is a really good book about facing responsibilities and living your life to the fullest being the best of what you can be. A real treat for young adults!

I was provided with a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Hurricane

The Hurricane - J. R. V Prescott Hot and sweet, you can't help but fall for the boxer!

I know that this is a book about a boxer and his love. However, I'd like to start my review by saying that this is a very good book about appreciating the people around you.

You see, our main character Emily is hiding from everyone. She just wants to be invisible and get on with life without any attention. She's hiding, but she's not that hidden. People notice her because of her natural grace and her good attitude. That's where Con comes in. He sees Emily right from the start.

And then begins a whole new story for Em.

I love the dynamics of this book. You will not just fall in love with Emily and Con. You'd fall in love with Danny, the elder guy who stands like a father to Em and you'll also love the rest of the boxing gang. Em is running from a nightmare and Con is her protector. Well, Con and the other boys. I just love their interaction and the way they treat one another. Their banters are also kind of hilarious that you'd want more of them!

I also love it that the "boxing" here is really shown. Some books just talk about it in passing, but in here there are details regarding the training, the fights etc. It's all good. I also love how this book shows how important dedication is. Con is very, very dedicated to the sport and that makes it even better.

Emily's character gradually blooms here as Con's character also becomes stronger. I truly appreciate the pacing. They became friends first, and then they became something else... something more. :) The dilemma in the book is actually quite scary. I can totally understand Emily's fear. However, I like how she just let go of that fear too. You can't call it a life if you're not really living it.

I actually would have given this a perfect 5, but I was looking for something else in the ending... But then again, this is still a great read. I promise you. You'll be touched and you'll root for them all! ^_^


#Player - Cambria Hebert #PLAYER is #PERFECT!!!

I have been a big fan of this series from the start. There's just something about it that calls out to me. I can definitely say that the author saved the best for last!

I shall try to break it down without giving out big spoilers. . .

The characters are more mature now.

Rimmel had gone from being a nerd who hides efficiently behind her clothes and big glasses to being a proud girlfriend who tells everyone how awesome her guy is.

*imaginary* Rimmel would like to borrow a line from Taylor Swift's song and turn it into Rim's song for Romeo--> 'cause you know I love this PLAYER... and he LOVES the GAME!!!

Seriously, she's so supportive! The number one cheerleader! I also love it that in this book, our Rimmel didn't back down. She has a good, sturdy backbone now. It also helps that Romeo is always there for her. He's the reassuring soul all the way for Rim.

Romeo on the other hand is everything you'll ever hope for a guy his age and then some more. He's something, I tell you that. When this series started, I thought he was just a jock. Oh man, if you can just see his transition from that jock to a guy who puts everything about him second to everything about Rim? You'd love him to pieces! I am so, so sure that you will love him here.

I think I've already said this about their relationship, but I'd like to reiterate it... THIS IS A STRONG PAIR. Nothing, and I mean nothing can separate them. The best thing about them is that they kept being together no matter what happened and mind you.. there are so many things that could have ruined them! But no kiddos, this pair can stand the tests! They are adamant not to let other things spoil what they made for themselves. Especially Romeo. That guy. MYGAWD, he's always there to save the day, always there to make things better, always there to have an easy or not so easy way out.

It's just plain perfect. I can't say anything bad. I just love it!

If you ask me about the secondary characters... I would definitely describe them as... EFFECTIVE. I really got angry with Rim's dad, then I also go angry with that psycho Zach. On the other hand, I love, love, love Braeden. I can't wait for him to have his own book! If I already love him now and it's still not his book..... what more when I'm already holding his story in my hands? GOSH! I also love the other two girls because they're awesome girlfriends. Needless to say, I really want everyone to have their own books! *BATS EYELASHES TO THE AUTHOR* ^_______^

O-kay. So that's about it. I love it. I love it. I love it.


An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

The Harvest

The Harvest - N.W. Harris Just wow! THE HARVEST is an action packed sequel that you definitely should not miss!!

The story picks up to where the first book stops. The first book ends with what could be a relief-giving scene, so this one starts on that note. Even though they were suspicious, our characters are taken somewhere else wherein they were told to be safer. Little did they know that the biggest challenge hasn't happened yet.

The teens are told about their situation. How they are about to fight for their home and that time is of the essence. Then the challenges begin. Our characters are put to tests, training, even simulations to fight of the enemy. It was very intriguing to read about teens from different countries interact with one another. There were less than pleasing scenes, teens clash, but I guess in real life, these things really happen... The difference is, in this book, everyone wants to be the best, but everyone's also scared to be the best. I liked reading about how they put aside their differences to ultimately do what should be done.

Shane has grown a lot from book 1 to this. I would definitely say that he's more badass that how he was in book 1. What happens when you thought you could already let go of all of the responsibilities tucked under you ... but wait.. NO, IT'S STILL THERE AND YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE. Shane shoulders on! He goes through one thing and another just to help keep everyone safe. I love it that his head is always all about their safety. It's so damn admirable.

Shane is a sure thing. I've read about him fighting mentally and physically. KELLY, however.... IS A DAMN BIG SURPRISE. Watch out for this girl! She won me over with her skills! I also can't believe that I'm starting to like Steve. He's such a big macho man. I like his determination together with his concern and humor. The others are also very good companions and comrades. I felt really scared while reading this because I'm kind of attached to everyone and I just know it would be so sad for me if one of them dies. :S

Ahhh!! this book is just... a revelation. Hold on tight people!!! These teens will definitely rock your world! They're amazing survivors and I know, I just know that they will continue surviving!!! They're badasses!!!!

The ending literally made me shout OHMYGOSH!!! It leaves something for all readers to look forward to. The thrill, the wait and all my theories... I know it'll all be worth it when the third book comes!

If you want to read a book with action, uniquely woven plot, mystery and of course.. thrill.. This one's for you!

So there. All in all, I am definitely satisfied with where the author took this story. I'm in awe and I'm definitely giving this a perfect 5!!!

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

'Salem's Lot

'Salem's Lot - Ron McLarty, Stephen King ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE BEST.
Vampires in Salem's lot surely beat all the modern vampires.
Pure horror. It's awesome.

The High Road

The High Road - Daniel Kirk Wow. Mind Blown.

I read this book only when I was at home. You see, I read even when I'm in a public vehicle, but for this book? Nope. I didn't. I didn't bring it with me outside the house because I wanted to savor it. I wanted to take it slow because really, this book is a journey. You can't skip a single sentence. I was actually kind of sad that it ended!

That's alright, I still have the third book!

Okay.. now for the review..

I can't believe that a person can envision a world such as this. I promise you, their world is awesomesauce!!! I mean, it's not the pretty-sparkly kind of world, but man oh man, it's definitely something. It's like watching a movie! I even had popcorn with me twice while I was reading this! HONEST!

The story picks up right after THE LOW ROAD's ending. Matt and Becky have to go on their different journeys to save their family and possibly save the world. There were so many, AND I MEAN MANY, obstacles in those two journeys, like a getting caught by humans, a stalker with a broken arm, a gambling group, a family fight etc. In spite of all that happened to them, they still pushed through, that's for sure and that's something that you gotta admire in both of them.

Matt is still the little hot headed hero from book 1. He's learning more control in this book and he's learning how to trust more. Too bad he hasn't perfected screening the people he should/shouldn't trust yet. Anyway, aside from his bad judgment regarding trust, Matt is actually on his way to become a reat hero. I like him because he cares. I really hope that everything he does would be appreciated and realized in the third book.

Becky, on the other hand is learning more about self reliance. She had to fend for herself other people in this book. For a girl with such a young age, she has done so much. I hope she gets to learn more in the third book.

The other characters are so effective in this story. Some of them, like Tuava Li makes me so angry with her two faced decisions. Tomtar is adorable as always. I love him and his willingness to help. I'm still in doubt with characters like Stefan. I'm looking forward to what the third book offers when it comes to the extra characters. Who will stay good and who will go bad? That seems to be the main question.

I love how Matt and Becky have grown. They were just little kids in book one. They only thought about themselves, but here? In this book, they thought more about others. It's all oh so good because I can see the change in them with every word in the book.

This book will actually make you cringe, laugh, be frustrated and be aware. The ending will definitely made me want to read the next book right away!

Onto the next book I march!


Thoughtful - S.C. Stephens I thought I'd try this and give the story another shot.

I found THOUGHTLESS to be really, really exhausting. I hated Kiera while I loved Kellan. In this book, it's pretty much the same. It's just that now, in Kellan's POV... Kiera is more of a b****. I tell you. She really is! Haha! Ohmygod, I can't believe how a girl can do that to boys. I mean, I'm already prepared because heck, I internalized book 1... but year, I found her to be a total.. b****!! The push and pull is absolutely the best. She loves him, she likes the other and then she loves him again... O_O ohmygod, my hatred for Kiera just tripled!

Drama, drama, drama... This book sheds some light about how Kellan feels, but is still filled with drama.


I love Kellan more, but I hate Kiera more too.. Does that make sense?

Haunted Love

Haunted Love - Jessica Frances
Life is awesome, life is kind... Life interrupted? That's a whole new different story.

NOTE: I firmly believe that I am afraid of death. Ever since I found out the real gravity of death, I have dreaded it. It's this unhealthy fear that I often think of. I don't think I have Thanatophobia, but yeah.. I kind of hate dying. I hate the notion of the people close to me dying. It brings me to tears just thinking about it. More importantly, I hate that I too, would die someday. It would totally suck to leave my loved ones here and pass on. Why am I putting this in my review? It's so you would know why I'm very attached and kind of emotional about this story.

You see, Theresa Bell had a promising life. She had a brother, a good career, kids to teach and a whole life ahead. She was going about her normal life when everything was pulled under her. She died... and not in a good way, not that there's a good way to die, but you know.. There's a less morbid way of dying. That isn't what happened to her, so I think it's just fair that she came back. Yes, she came back. BOY DID SHE COME BACK.

Aiden Mercer is a workaholic. He's a detective with a purpose. He does his job and he does it well. The problem is, he does it too much. Aiden doesn't have a social life. He's always in the station. When he's not working with a current case, he goes back to age-old cases just to see if they missed something. He doesn't talk to his family as much as before. He doesn't even know what's happening in his brother's life. He needed a wake up call and damn if he didn't get one. When Thea suddenly enters his life in her afterlife, his world is shaken and it will never be the same again.

Thea and Aiden go to lengths in order to give justice to her and many others. Their teamwork is surprisingly good for a workaholic detective and a persistent ghost. The author sure made me feel like I already know the killer... but noooo, trust me.... IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW, NO... YOU DON'T. Haha! The mystery is just soooo intriguing and it gets deeper.

The love part sure is sweet. It's gradual. Definitely not abrupt. In fact, Aiden hated Thea at first. He treated her like she was some figment of his tired (REALLY, REALLY TIRED) mind. It's a "slowly-but-surely" scenario. I love that they kind of beat the odds and well... They found their match, granted, in a very unlikely way, but still. :)

What do you do when you're stuck with a ghost 24/7?

You help her as she helps you pick up your life.

You become friends with her...

You like her...

Then you fall in love with her.

But... Do you let her go?

What I also love about this book is how it ended. No matter how otherworldly this book is, the plot made it so that it would stick to reality more. You'll know what I'm talking about once you finish the book. I promise. :)

This is a story that will make you see the things in life that you're missing. In my note above, I said that I'm afraid of dying. I think I'll ammend that and say... I'm afraid of missing something. Missing something means I haven't done everything that I wanted or could have done in my life and that will truly suck. Thea is a character that voices out all the things that we could have done. The what if's, the I should have's... even the I shouldn't have's... it's all here in her story.

So I guess what I'm saying is that you should read this book because it will make you appreciate life and literally live life to the fullest.


That's just it.

Following the Sun

Following the Sun - Alisa Mullen 4.5
Unexpectedly profound. What a brave book.

Following the Sun is an awesome take on drug addiction, guilt and a loving unconditionally.

The story follows two people who couldn't be more different from each other. Nate is the person who likes his routinary life. He is content with what he's doing and what he has. He wasn't looking for something more until he finds Sunny. Sunny is a girl who gets in your face the moment you meet. She has her demons. She's different and she's his "unexpected". This "unexpected" shakes his routinary life. He suddenly finds himself drawn to her. From thereon, they take on a journey that's really imperfect, but still beautiful. :)

While reading this, I found it very interesting to know more about Sunny's life. You see, in the amount of POVs department, Nate wins. I think I read more about what he's thinking that what Sunny was thinking ( which is just the way I like it). With that, I only see glimpses of Sunny's life. It was fun unearthing her character. She's a happy woman when she's not down in the dumps. I like how she's depicted as perfect and imperfect at the same time. Haha! Oh my, it's so hard to explain. Read it! You'll like her!

Nate on the other hand, gosh.. you just have to give him 1,000 sweet points! He was the "i-don't-want-commitments" at first, but when he met Sunny, his match, he was like "I-can't-live-without-her and all that. I admire him because he isn't afraid to say how he feels. I also admire him because he doesn't judge. He himself admitted that loving a drug addict is hard, but he still did it. I love how he is with Sunny and I love how he thinks of her. I really want everyone to know just how sweet this guy is.... soooo read it! You would love him!

The dilemma in the book is pretty hard to swallow. I am so glad that the ending made a way for everything to be settled. I also love the fact that the ending is not a liar. I say that because I know from studying in Nursing school that drug addiction has no cure. I mean you can have rehab and all, but there are relapses, and it's a constant battle for a person. I love that the book didn't say that the rode into the sunset and lived happily ever after. The ending makes it clear that they are living happily even with all the bumps. I love it. This is a must read. :)

I would have given this a perfect 5, but there are some parts wherein I felt like "Oh, that was too fast." Anyway, they made it work until the end, so still... 4.5!

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


Beastkeeper - Cat Hellisen Well that was unexpected.

This book was nothing at all like what I expected. It's full of magic, yes. But it's not the hearts and flowers fairy tale or beast tale, for the matter. It's a story about jealousy, disappointments and many other things that got tangled in a web of magic and curses.

My mind's blown together with my heart.

The Last Orphans

The Last Orphans - N.W. Harris Definitely a must read if you're a fan of action and good story lines!

My review for this book comes a little late because I honestly couldn't describe it very well when I read it. Then I had a little vacay. Haha! Anyway, I'll be trying now soooo better late than later!


Let me start with the word ORPHAN. This word is defined by Google simply as "a child whose parents are dead". I'm sorry, Google, but in this book, the word ORPHAN means more than that. That's just not enough. It ain't right to say their parents are just dead, that's it and that's that. It's more than that.. so much more. You'll know in a bit why I say this now.

You see.. Shane and the entire population have been living their normal lives (as normal as people can achieve, I guess) when suddenly, a tragedy happens. An unbelievably terrible tragedy that wiped out all adults!

A little info: I didn't read the blurb when I read this. I mean, I read it when I added it of course, but with my TBR list? I forget stuff easily. You can just imagine my face when it happened. I mean the adults being wiped out. I was in shock because the story line is damn amazing and um horrifying at the same time.

What do you do when you're a teenager and then suddenly you don't have parents anymore? Aunt? Nope. Grandma? Nope. Teachers? Nada.

Oh, and what do you do when your schoolmates suddenly look at you like you're their only hope?

Do you leave them? Do you wallow in misery and just rot there? Nope. Not a chance. You fight.

At least that's what Shane did.

That is why ORPHAN'S meaning to me is waaayyy different from Google's. Orphan to me is being a survivor, stepping up to the challenge of fending for yourself and maybe other people with you, and maybe, just maybe, making it out of every bad situation alive and kicking.

This is the story of orphans' trying to find their way in a world that is almost lost to them. They meet many, many challenges ahead. Mind you, this is not a pretty super hero book. It's very brutal. It's straight forward and it doesn't beat around the bush. It's detailed and full of twists. I like the pacing and I like how the characters handle themselves. The good guys are my new idols when it comes to teen spirit. The bad guys.. Hmm.. They are real darn effective since I've probably killed them 10 times in my head.

All in all, I want, I beg, I implore, I plead to everyone ... READ THIS!! Give this book a shot. I promise that it will make your heart pound, squeeze it and let it fly.


Many thanks to Carol who was perceptive enough to know that I will love this book! :)

New York Minute

New York Minute - Melinda Dozier This book is short and quite sweet. :)

What happens when two people meet and sparks fly? Everything stops and then things suddenly move on fast.

That's how it's like for Veronica and Diego. Everything seems perfect for them. They have the connection, physical and emotional. Diego is a rock star while Veronica is an accountant. I like Diego because he's the romantic type. He says how he feels. He doesn't beat around the bush and just tells you how he feels. :) On the other hand, what I like about Veronica is her effort in trying to be different even though sometimes she comes out as stubborn. You have to admire her one track mind here.

They sound quite perfect, right? However, they left out some things from each other and that's the real dilemma here. I had some doubt because I wanted them to be honest straight away, but the author made me wait! Haha! It's all good because it ends nicely!

This is their story about overcoming their insecurities, remembering to be honest and trusting each other.

I enjoyed reading this. :)

I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation - S.L. Scott To be very honest, I read this for the cover. It's soooo cute, right?

The story itself was also very interesting. What do you do when you find yourself in a different land with a really hot guy who promises you the world. Should you stay or should you go?

Then what if you find out the ugly truth? Do you still take a chance on that?

It goes like that. It's short, but definitely has the element of surprise.

I like it, but the characters kind of moved too fast for me.

Anyhoo, still a good read.