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Untaken - J.E. Anckorn This is an action packed, fast paced, thrilling and mysterious read!

I don't even know where to start with this book..


First.. What is this book all about?

It's about aliens coming to Earth, taking some people with them, but leaving some too.. with weird yet powerful traits in them. It's also all about the people who are truly left behind. People who haven't been touched by the aliens and continue to struggle living in fear.

You see, our characters Gracie, Brandon and Jake once had a normal life. They had a family, neighbors, other people in their lives... Until they all got taken away. It's sad really because they're just so young to experience what they have experienced. I feel bad for each of them because each family had a story to tell. They were just getting by, then poof! Gone!

What do you do when the world around you changes and all you have are 2 people with you doing the best to survive?

I guess you hold on to those two. Start accepting life as it is and move on from that.

That's exactly what our characters did. After being on the run mainly because of the people who wants to dissect the "others", they find a safe haven and stay there. I noticed how fast the pacing from thereon because I read this in under 3 hours. One thing I can say about them being on the run though, they're smart! Like street smart! I like that about them. Brandon's dad helped a lot with that. Even though he was a drunk, he taught Brandon some life preserving skills and that helped them along the way. I like how they're able to go through one rough patch to another. There's a certain beauty when you outwit people who are older than you. Hah! ;) So there... action, thrill, mystery (you'd have to find out what that is because I'm not telling! ^_^).. all of these are in this book.

I guess the only thing that's holding me back from giving this a 5 is that I still have a few questions after finishing the book. Like what does it mean when people get taken? Does that mean that the aliens took over their brains already? Another one is what happened to the world after this? Do they rebuild right away or start looking for the "others"

Anyway... The ending kind of left me speechless. I actually did not see it coming, but it really is for the best. Ahhh! It's killing me not to describe it in detail, but trust me, this book is worth the time so READ IT!

P.S. I requested for this book because of that gorgeous cover. It makes the premise even more interesting!

I was provided with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

A Grimm Warning

A Grimm Warning  - Chris Colfer This has got to be one of the most adventurous books that I've ever read in my life so far.

NOTE: I have been a fan of this series from the start, so if this review comes across as biased, I'll say it deserves my utmost praises just like all the books in the series!!!

Now onto the review...

Just how have the characters grown?

I would say that Connor has become more serious in life. That's probably because he doesn't have Alex to straighten him out all the time now. I love just how he interacts with people now. He seems more... refined. More adult-ish. :) Oh and he has developed a crush!!! If that's not a proof of growth, then I don't know what is. haha!

Alex is more concerned... about everything really. She's more aware of the people around her and bases her decision on them. I like it that she has come a long way, but doesn't forget where she came from. Indeed she is humble and also kind of... regal? Ahh, I don't know how to describe it. She's just more of an active participant in the council, so everytime she speaks, it has power in it now. :) And yes, she has a boy! I mean I don't know what they really are.. but there definitely is a boy. Unfortunately, there are complications at the end of this book. Complications that I hope can still be straightened out in time.... and by saying time, I mean I hope it will be okay IN THE NEXT BOOK! ^_^

The story?

If you ask me what this book is all about, I'll say it's all about a warning. A Grimm Warning is just what it says. It's the GRIMM BROTHERS warning our characters that something bad is bound to happen.. and soon! Alex and Connor face adventures on their own. They meet new people along the way, get a glimpse of the other characters from the past books and catch up with them.. Connor even travels far, far away! On a plane this time! Anyway, they also get to be reunited, but it's bitter sweet. :') You'll see when you read it. Together they face a truly big adversary... thousands of them!!! I was kinda curious as to how they would defeat quite a large number of bad men. Trust me.. it's awesome! I like how the entire population of the fairy tale world seemed willing to help everyone out. The ending, as with the first two books, gave way to more questions WHICH SHOULD BE ANSWERED IN THE NEXT ONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Don't get me wrong, it was wrapped up nicely, but I just want to know a little tidbit... WHO IS THE MASKED MAN FOR GOODNESS SAKE??!!!

In the second installment of this series, I was so sad because Connor and Alex were parting ways. I was worried that I wouldn't see much of Alex or of Connor. I shouldn't have worried though because the author.. oh that author! He truly made it worthwhile because the characters stayed oh so close through it all. :)

I'm giving this a perfect 5 because of everything it has. Adventure, drama, action, hilarious moments, mystery, even romance!

One great read!


I would be as bold as to say that this is the best book yet in the series. Kane, no matter how I want to justify him.. he just puts the word "SWEET" into a whole new level!
Hold on for the ride y'all... cane is coming!!!!!!!!

Full review to come!

The School for Good and Evil #2: A World without Princes

The School for Good and Evil #2: A World without Princes - Soman Chainani ADVENTURE, THRILL, FAIRY TALE TWISTED AND UNFINISHED.. JUST WOW!

I don't know what else to ask for! Everything is just there!!!

Full review to come!

Shadows of Asphodel

Shadows of Asphodel - Karen Kincy 4.5

Unexpectedly romantic!

When I requested for this book, I thought I would just love it because of the action it promises. However, now I love it because of the characters' interaction!

They're just... MFEO! MADE FOR EACH OTHER. ^_^ Now you might think that I'm just romanticizing their story, but no. They're truly a romantic pair!!

ARDIS, my darling mercenary, is a kickass girl who's known for her ruthlessness in battle. She ran from her past and is currently living with lots of blood in her hands, obviously because of her profession. She meets, ahem, MY WENDEL, who in so many ways, is a gentleman. However, she didn't start out knowing him like that. She thought he was something to be disgusted with, being a necromancer and all that. I'm just so glad that Wendel proved him wrong!

Wendel, Wendel, Wendel... Where do I even start?

MY Wendel is hot. Not just hot, but also dashing, charming, handsome in a refined way. He's such a catch and yes, HE'S MIINNEEE. #fangirlalert

Now that that's out of the way...

Wendel is the kind of hero that is vulnerable on the inside, but all charming and badass on the outside. He maybe your unconventional guy, but he is sweet most of the time. I like how he interacts with Ardis, like she's really a fine woman and not just a mercenary. I like how he took his oath seriously and I like how he was able to keep all of his promises to Ardis. Wendel might be such a mystery, but there's no deying that he's totally head over heels with Ardis and boy, he's not afraid of expressing it!

Our heroine on the other hand, isn't the same. With her past clouding her present, she has a lot of baggage that she holds on to. The twist here even made her life more complicated, so i forgive her for not being so expressive. However, she is truly loyal. I give you that.

I honestly thought that this book won't be so romantic. I was wrong and I was shocked because man... that ending! Okay okaayyy..


In this book, you'll find out just how amazing it can be when a mercenary meets her .. umm.. necromancer. Trust me! It's everything you never expected. The thrill, the action, the love.. even the drama! It all manages to make this amazing! :) Better than amazing, actually!

A review copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


Spark - Erin Noelle I actually cried for the characters in this book!

REVIEWER'S NOTE: Whenever I read fiction books, though I know they're not real, I always see their potential to be real. I say "Oh, this can happen in real life."... Well, this book's dilemma could definitely happen in real life! I'm a nurse, so I know just how serious Epilepsy could be. I have personally witnessed attacks like this before and it's not pretty. Now, for this book to describe just how the family truly cared for Caleb (the boy with this illness)? Let's just say it touched my heart big time.

Okay.. now onto the review!

Another book that makes me feel like I should treasure the life that I've been given!

To be very honest, I had little expectation from this book. I just wanted to read a good book that will make me feel better. I've been ill these past few weeks, so I just wanted to relax and go hide inside a romantic book. I also confess that I read this because of the hot guy in the cover, which if I may say so, is the perfect CREW!! Anyway, with that shallow reason... I got to discover a book that will surely touch your heart.

Crew is a character that you'd want your daughter to date and it's not just because he's handsome and hot and all that girly definition of a man. It's because he's responsible, he puts the other person's needs before him, he thinks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, he is the perfect combination of alpha and husband material. But of course, he ain't perfect. Crew has his moments of umm.. well.. hot headedness. However, being the forgiving reader that I am, I always forgive him. How he interacts with his family definitely makes up for his lack of social skills sometimes. :)

Now on the other hand.. we have the selfless and truly kind Hudson. Such a beautiful character! I imagined her as a good kind of girl, very pretty inside and out. She's a helper, a fixer and a natural born nurturer. She finds herself head over heels with Crew and off they go on a roller coaster of emotions. I can't imagine living a life like hers. She's actually more free than many other characters I come across. Her family is one of a kind. There are so many of them and all of them look promising. Anyway, she's just someone you'd want your son to hold on to forever. A good kind of woman who's smart and who could also be fun. :)

The story here revolves around their interaction with each others' families. It's their sense of responsibility that will make you love them both. What I love about this too is that the people around them, the parents, the siblings, even the right kind of friends are monumental to building their kind of a relationship. They helped these two characters grow and they made things easy for them and that's a big thing because when you read this, you'll see just how serious life can be.

Watch them get together, stay together, break apart and find each other once again. :)

Such a heartfelt (and hot) story!

Recommended for those who want their hearts tugged.


Defend: A Lost Tribe (Book 2)

Defend: A Lost Tribe (Book 2) - Kallie Ross This book satisfied my need for a sequel in their story. One thing that you have to understand is that this is a second book and it's not a stand alone. Please read the first book before venturing to this one.

This book is still set in an underground series of caves. In book 1, our characters get to come back to the "top". However, because of unexpected circumstances, they go back and try to fix things in the tribe. I must admit, I was very worried that there will be accidents in this book.. like rocks falling on them or something like that. I'm just glad nothing too extreme happened to my faves!

I would say that they all definitely grew up. Our heroine, Ollie now thinks of everyone else before herself. She's sensitive to how others may feel and she's still strong. I love how she is with her mom. She's loyal to the bone and she loves her mom so much. :) I also love how she is with Mateo. I think she's more honest now and her internal monologues are sweet when it comes to him. *happy sigh* Her journey might have been rough, but I truly believe that she has learned a lot. She happier and she's a stronger person.

The other characters have also grown. Alex, Jesse and Mateo are now well equipped in battle! Hah! I mean... I think they're more prepared for bad scenarios. They're more careful and they watch out for one another more. The addition of new characters also doesn't hurt. :)

If you ask me who my favorite character here is.. I would say that it's KEREN. She's such a curious girl. I like how she reacts to new things. I also love how she reacts to jokes. Haha! Oh gosh.. it's even more funny that she takes them seriously! ;) I love her!

What you have to really look forward to is the author's description of the place. Their surrounding is as interesting as their situation. The author is very good at making me imagine all of it. I hope she sparks your imagination too.

Read this and know how these teenagers face their adventure of a lifetime! Watch how they will defend a tribe that needs just a little more blessing. :)

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Fair Game

Fair Game - Monica  Murphy Well that occupied my time today!

This one was a steady read. If you ask me what it is about... It's about a rich boy who always got what he wanted, until he meets this girl. That girl on the other hand, is just like any other girl, really.. only a little snarkier than usual and has flaming red hair. She breaks down all of his rules and makes him fall to his knees. It's not that complicated. Honestly, this was a streamline read. It was steady and it was kind of predictable...

but then...


What happens when a rich handsome man whore tries to breakdown the defenses of an ice princess?

I swear they could be oh so cute and oh so sweet!!! They're amazing. One thing that I can say for this couple is THEY CAN TALK. They can banter very well and they make sense when they converse with one another.

I wanted them to have a happily ever after and that's what I got.

Honestly speaking, their dilemma in this book is not that deep since like I've said, this is a steady read. I still have questions regarding their future because of "the parents", but since I think the author is focusing in the "now", I'll give it a chance. Maybe I'll see more of this couple in the next books. Anyway it ended well and that's what's important. :)


Wray - M.K. Eidem Well that was another different read for me!

I read this because I was amazed with the first book, Grim. This one is just as interesting! The plot isn't that hard to figure out. A human woman gets into the hands of bad aliens and is rescued by another alien who's honorable and good. They figure out their differences and fall for each other. But wait... There are so many obstacles when you love a person different from you. That is what readers should look forward to in this book. How does a couple disregard the difference in their culture and build a life together in the middle of it all?

Let's talk about the characters...

Wray is definitely different from Grim. While Grim was totally intense, Wray was is sweeter and more charming than his brother. He's strong, brave, smart and very bossy. He's an emperor, so I guess he does have the right to order people around. ;) Anyway, just like his brother, Wray values women more than himself or any other male. It's ingrained in him to be caring for women... Kim got the advantage and disadvantage of that fact. He's protective of Kim and that's a good thing. However, sometimes, he's also OVERPROTECTIVE, and that could be bad. What I love about his character though, is that he never doubted Kim. Kim was always GOOD in his eyes. I love that about him.

Kim on the other hand is a FIGHTER. She most definitely is a fighter. She's also a survivor. I love how she handled things and how she didn't dwell on the bad ones. She's someone who has been through something horrifying, but still managed to be who she is and not change that just because of the things she's been through. I love how she constantly reminds Wray that he too, is important. In a world wherein women rule, women should be revered, women are always right... Kim chose to be just herself. She didn't want to be above everybody else. She remained humble and that's a very good thing.

This book made me feel happy, sad, envious because I also want a WRAY OF MY OWN, angry of all the bad elements surrounding them and ultimately contented with how the book ended.

This was an awesome read. I had fun. :)

Dark Instincts (Phoenix Pack)

Dark Instincts (Phoenix Pack) - Suzanne Wright I think Taryn just met a girl more badass than she is! Well in some ways that is... :)

The story, just like all of SW's stories has a definitely unique plot. I never knew what she's going to write next. To take it this far is absolutely stunning. Combining the people's need and love for the internet in this book is plain genius. It's very timely, if you ask me.

Now about the characters...

Roni, Roni, Roni... I have wanted to know what her character will be like once SW unleashes her story. As it turns out, she's one of the most badass, friggin strong and amazingly unbeatable heroines with a truly straight forward personality. I love her! I love how unfazed she is when it comes to tough situations. Her dilemma isn't so big after all. She just wants the people around her to understand her. She's not weak at all, never weak. To me, she's one of the best women in this series! :)

Marcus on the other hand is a surprise. I didn't think I would like him. Indeed, he's a charmer so I knew he's a likable character. What surprised me is his depth. The depth of his character stems from a surprisingly dark childhood. Gosh, I wonder how he was able to endure it. Read it. You'll be shocked and you'll say.. "Ah, no wonder...". Sooo there. It's given that he's got a pretty face, he's charming and he's a flirt. What you'll have to look forward to is his patience, his understanding and his real concern towards Roni. It's amazing. He's amazing!

Together, this pair is unbeatable. I love them not just because they complement each other. I love them because they're so (I just have to say this, so sorry, Roni) darn cute. It's cute because Roni is not only good at the kicking ass side. She's also very smart and that makes her mouth also intimidatingly smart too. I love it! Haha! Okay so Marcus is also entertaining in his own way.. but my fave is Roni! :) I love their story and I love how it ended.

The problem in this book is definitely something that you have to look forward to. You'll want to drag some characters out of the book and pinch them to oblivion yourself!

Needless to say, I was really entertained. This was a damn good read!

Prophet of the Badlands

Prophet of the Badlands - Matthew S. Cox This book should be made into a movie!!!

Do you like reading books with badass heroines in it? What about powers? Maybe you like reading about different places and different types of people? Or maybe you just like the thrill and the action?

It's all here!!!! I promise you!!!

You will not be disappointed!!!!!


Okay... So what is this story all about?

It's all about a twelve year old girl named Althea. In many ways, she's just like a normal girl. She likes simple things like eating, running, having a safe place to sleep, having a family, making her sister brush her hair, talking to nice animals.. things like that. However, in some ways, she's entirely different. You see, Althea has powers. Powers that almost everybody wants to possess and because of that, she is always the hunted. Despite being so kind, she is often tricked, abused and just plain captured. Once she's free... she goes through so many adventures, if you can call them that. She meets so many people that I even thought I would see lots of them again in the end, considering that this book is quite long, but no. The other characters that she meets are with her forever, but some just pass by. One person in particular kept her going. Den. You'd think it's puppy love, what with their ages, but the way I read it... They have a great potential as a couple. :) Looking forward to that! Den is my first fave /other/ character, the second is Shepherd, third would be Karina. Both of the latter characters will have great impacts on Althea's life... but I won't say how. READ IT! ^_^

What I like most about Althea's character is not her ability to influence the mind of other people... instead, I love her ability to always, always, think of the good in them first. It may sound naive, but that's what I like about her. The fact that she is hunted over and over again, but she stays true to her belief that life is precious is actually a gift all on its own.

The plot is very, very, very unique in my opinion. It's set in so many places and so many kinds of people are in it too, so boredom will be a thing of the past for readers. In line with that, I can definitely say that the author can make you imagine what he wants you to see. He's so good at creating a world full of... all things different! I swear! It's amazing how such mismatched places could exist in only one world. You'll feel the need to go back to the stone age then move forward up to the most technological future world that you can think of. It's full of action. One minute she's captured, the next she has escaped and you have to go back to review what happened! Who helped her? What did she do? Gosh! This book needs your focus because every detail counts! This book will be loved by many! I hope it becomes a movie!!!


Read this and watch out for Althea. She will definitely make you want to hug her. She will want to make you be her friend, family etc. Me? I want to be her! I'll take all the danger anytime because man oh man.. She is one great character!

Now I'm not a professional reviewer. I'm just a reader who.. well.. happens to read a lot and embrace different genres. However, even with my lack of professional skills in reviewing, I would definitely say that this book is worth your time, worth your money and worth the emotions!

Now my only problem is I really, really want that next book now! Hah!

Surviving Raine

Surviving Raine - Shay Savage Just how do I begin with this perfect book?
If I could give this book a million stars, I TOTALLY, WITHOUT A DOUBT WOULD!

SHAY SAVAGE is slowly BLOWING ME AWAY with mind boggling plots and amazing characters!

Surviving Raine is a book that I will never forget for as long as I live.

It's not your typical romance book wherein the meet, they get to know each other then bam! Connection! Sparks fly! Yay! LOVE!

No sireee..

It ain't like that at all!

It's more like..

They almost drown, they meet, they piss off one another, they tolerate each other, lust after each other they fight, they get exhausted, fight some more, learn to tolerate each other more, FISHES FLY!, Vget to know one another by talking, lust after each other more, BIRDS FLY!, get to know each other more from talking, lust some more, become a team, fight for their survival, FINALLY GIVE IN TO THE SPARK, survive and try to be stable

Yeah, that's mostly it.

Raine and Bastian meet in a dangerous scenario. They learn how to fight for their survival as they also learn about one another. However, while doing that, they also learn that something connects them. I honestly didn't see that coming and I still don't know how I feel about that even though it's been weeks since I read this. I would have to read the next book to clarify how I feel about their past.
Anyway, I'd like to focus on their present predicament.

Bastian is an alcoholic. That dangerous scenario that I was talking about earlier just got all kinds of levelled up because of that fact.

How would they survive when the survivalist is an alcoholic who needs his fix all the time?

That's what you should read about!

I don't know how to describe it for y'all without spoiling it.

Just know this..

This book is profound, filled with the nitty gritty parts of life, dramatic, hot, enticing, informative and very, very, endearing!

The way they interact with one another is just... GOLDEN! I love how Raine doesn't take Bastian's shit and the way Bastian treats Raine, like she's fragile. No matter how you look at it, there's a certain sweetness in how they talk to each other. I love it. I love how a big bad male like Bastian can be put to his knees by a small woman like Raine. :)

I just...


I love it!

I love the drama behind them,

but I mostly like... THEM! Just them! Damn! Even with all that bad stuff going on with them, I would gladly be Raine if that means I'll have Bastian!!!

AHHH!!! I guess the main point is, I love it! I totally, amazingly, endearingly love it with all my heart! ^________________^

Perfect 5!

All Played Out: A Rusk University Novel

All Played Out: A Rusk University Novel - Cora Carmack I'm all for TEAM NEO! Best couple of this series so far!

Nell and Mateo couldn't be more different from each other...

But they make it work. They friggin make it look awesome!

What can we, romance readers expect from this book?



Suffice to say those are the things that I kind of expected and GOT!!!!!!

What else can I say?

The story's oh so cute though I didn't like the first dilemma about the other girl. That's the only reason that I'm not giving this a five. It revolves around a girl and a boy with such different interests you'd think they wouldn't even bump into one another. Let's start with the girl... Nell built her entire life in facts and statistics. She's one smart girl, I tell you that. However, while she was building this life, she missed out on a lot of things that comes out naturally for many people. She set out to do this and finds.. well.. finds her self in the middle of something she totally didn't imagine! It's more that what she expected and that's not necessarily bad. :) Now the boy... Mateo.. He's clueless, to me at least. Mateo wants things, but isn't sure if he's out to get it or not so he plays safe. He jokes all the time and just like everyone else who does it, he has a reason for it. Little by little, he opens up to Nell. They both learn how to not let the past dictate their futures and when the worst is over, they manage to find each other. :)

The characters are actually well rounded. There were so many things that the main characters thought at the start of the book that all turned around in the end. I have missed the other characters, so I really thank this book for giving me glimpses of them. STELLA, my Stella... I really wish for her happily ever after. :)

This one's actually quite a light read. If you want to just feel good and fall in love, read this!!!

All I can say at this point is....

Nell & Mateo!!!

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Where the Road Takes Me

Where the Road Takes Me - Jay McLean Re-read this today, April 15, 2015: RE-READ count --> 9th
Originally read in February, 2015
No matter how many times I re-read this book, it still gets to me and it gets to me hard. I still cry, but it's all worth it. I got my paperback today so my re-read session is way special. It's a red letter day!!!



I love the color red. It has something special about it that I have all kinds of stuff that are red. I knew it was special, but in this book? I found out that RED is a color we all shouldn't miss!!! #turnmyworldred

This book is just so... emotional... in a really, really good way.

I was left speechless. When I read this, I needed people to talk to me in order to process... So I think it's just fair to advice y'all that when you read this book, I recommend you prepare emotionally. Know that it's not all hearts and flowers although some parts are kind of like that. This book digs deeper into your soul and will mark you. I promise.

It revolves around a girl named Chloe. She has a really well-guarded heart. She lives to the fullest, but she doesn't want people to be close to her. She doesn't want attachments and she doesn't want any form of relationship. Then comes a guy whom she would want to break all the rules for. Blake is not the typical high school jock. He actually cares and he's so concerned about Chloe. I love how he breaks down each and every one of her defenses. It's a beautiful thing to read!!

This is their story about finding the real kind of love. The love that will never tire out, the love that's patient, the love that's all consuming and the love that will make you want to stay forever.

Of course, this is also a story about taking hold of your future, being the best of what you can be and trusting that the people around you would love you and hold on to you no matter what.

As much as I love the main characters, this book would be less lovable without the other characters. Watch out for Josh, you would love him! I also enjoyed the families!!


I love this book. I enjoyed reading this. It felt sooooo good to have so many emotions all in one book! Happiness, sadness, frustration, crying-out moments, laugh-out-loud moments and many, many, many more!!! It also has so many life lessons that y'all should look into!

Arrggghh!! It's so hard to not put spoilers!! Haha! This is always my dilemma when it comes to Jay McLean's books. There are just sooooo many things that I liked, but can't actually say.


Just know that when you read this, it will mark your soul. You bet your ass it'll be in red ink! ❤❤❤

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Hostage Run (The MindWar Trilogy)

Hostage Run (The MindWar Trilogy) - Andrew Klavan 2 "you-just-can't-end-it-there" stars!!!

This book is once again action packed and with a lot of twists. However, if you browse through my comments while reading this, you'd know that I'm not such a big fan of the protagonist, Rick now. He's not such a big hero to me because of his attitude towards a being in a game.

Before I go to the bad part, I just want to say that I appreciate the action scenes. The characters are tougher and more adaptable now. I love, love Molly and Victor One!!! They were the main characters in my head. What an adventure! The two of them has good chemistry. I wish Molly would just... *sigh* Anyway, the plot is pretty straightforward. They have to save the world from a guy who think he can own the world via virtual reality. It's an ambitious plot, but the author managed to make me think that this could really be happening, so kudos to that.

Now we go to the love part, which truly should be amended although it's not the main topic of the book.

The virtual reality girl in the game.

I mean, I know that she could be a real girl too, sure, but he doesn't even know her! She's a water creature in the game world for goodness sake. He goes saving her instead of doing his main goal which is to save the world. I hate how torn he is about it when another girl is waiting for her. Another girl who is REAL and a girl that he has known practically his entire life. -_- In the book, he says that he could be falling for the water girl... ummm.. dude, she just saved you, like IN THE GAME, and you met her what? Like less than 8 hours? (He can only be in the game for 60 minutes or something and that's still limited since he can't go there every time or else his mind will be ruined literally).

Rick, if I have it right, you don't really know the girl! Think hard on that, mister!

I know there's a twist somewhere here which will only be revealed in the third book. Looking forward to that and finally wrapping this series up.

Still an entertaining read though.

The Six

The Six - Mark Alpert That was just stunning!

Another book that reads just like a movie!!

I swear it was like watching a movie!!!


Okay.. so I'm not the the biggest Sci-fi reader, but I do read AND WATCH Scifi. I'm telling you, this is awesome! Not only does it give you action, adventure and thrill... It will also make you think hard. It will make a person be clear about his/her ethical stand. It's as great as it is also a mind boggling book. :)

The characters are pretty unique if I may say so myself.

Have you ever imagined being so sick that all you can do is look on as life passes by? Naaaww, I don't think so.

Well.. some of our characters have. I sort of symphatized with each and every one of them.

You see, the main characters in this book are dying.

Yes people, they're dying...

And just like that line in TANGLED says.. "that's when people usually start to look for miracles".

In this case, they didn't find a magic golden flower though. They found an ultra advanced technology that will allow them to live on.. only in a wayyyy different state. They found more than what they bargained for and it's their choice whether to take it or not.

As I told you, there really is an ethical battle here. My stand? I'm all for living on, so I'm all good with the plot. :) I am in fact, fascinated with the story line.

Their main dilemma comes when that thing regarding dying is resolved. They have to do everything that they can to stop an AI from invading. I know it sounds cliche, but hear me out okay? It's different. The feel is different because for one, these are teens. There are parents involved and God knows with teens, there's a certain recklessness to them sometimes. It is damn fascinating (pardon me for being redundant, I just can't find another word for it!) and very, very exciting!

These teenagers face the battle head on and hope for the best. I love their spirit and I love how they value life itself. I guess that also happens when you're kind of give a second chance. A REAAAALLYYY BIG SECOND CHANCE!!! They each have their own set of traits. Personally, I am looking forward to the next book just to see how they will interact with one another after everything that happened to them in this book.

There are loopholes in this book, but I trust that the author will reveal everything in due time. It makes it more interesting though! :)

All in all, such a good book! I had a good time reading this!

perfect 5!

An ARC was provided to me by in exchange for an honest review.